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"Respect life" has been our managing philosophy since the founder set the principle.We hope that we can contribute to promote lives of all the living thruough our business,and thus to bring hapiness and walfare.
Living organisms on the earth can be classified to three groups - animals,plants and microorganisms.
It is through that microorganisms provided an improved environment for animals and plants to live.
Our company has conducted research on mushroom fungi (basidiomycetes) ,ones of these microorganisms.
The energetic work brought us success to develop the major products LEM,an extract of cultured media of Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes) mycelia.
MAK,an extract of cultured solid medium of mannentake (Ganderuma lucidum) was successfuly developed recentry.Both LEM and MAK will contribute to increasing your health.
Those products are evaluated its highly non-toxic nature because they are based on the substance producted by Shiitake mushroom.
LEM is producted by unique method established by the founder of the Company,former president Chiyokichi Iizuka.The outstanding research achieved by Iizuka brought him not only Ph.D,degree in science and agriculture but also many patents.
LEM has been in health food market for a long time,and has a good reputation among consumers to keep good health condition.
The name of company Noda Shokukin Kogyo co.,Ltd.
Establishment 1969.8.22
Capital stock 99,920,000 yen
Head office & Factory 295 Nanakodai Noda City,Chiba-Prefecture,278-0051 Japan
 Phone : 04 ( 7127 ) 3811
 Facsimile : 04 ( 7127 ) 3857
Head office & Laboratory 295 Nanakodai Noda City,Chiba-Prefecture,278-0051 Japan
 Phone : 04 ( 7127 ) 3811
 Facsimile : 04 ( 7127 ) 3174
Tokyo Office Kanda Kajicho BLD.1F
1-8-8 Kaji-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0044 Japan
 Phone : 03 ( 5298 ) 2661
 Facsimile : 03 ( 5298 ) 2981
Main banks The Mizuho Bank Noda Branches
The Chiba Bank Kawama Branches
Main Custemers
Japan Create Co.,Ltd. Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd.
Mitsui & Co.,Ltd. Nissan Aguri Co.,Ltd.
Wakunaga Pharmceutical Co.,Ltd. Sumika Takeda Gardening Products Co.,Ltd.
Riken Co.,Ltd. Nisshin Flour Filling Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Mart Co.,Ltd. JCR Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd.
1969 Established NODA SHOKUKIN KOGYO CO.,LTD. in Shimizu Noda-city Chiba Prefecture.
1970 Succeeded in extracting LEM from cultured solid of Lentinus edodes mycelia.
1972 Manufactured and Licensed health food "SHIIKIN"
1975 Established laboratory in Nanakodai Noda-shi Chiba Prefecture.
1977 Confirmed anti plant virus activity of LEM.
Established Tokyo Office.
1981 Anti-cancer effect of LEM reported by The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.
1983 Registered as an anti plant virus chemicals by MAFF."LENTEMIN"
1984 Brought "FINE granule"
1987 Registerd with The Japan Society for health food.
1994 Moved the head office to Nanakodai Noda City.
Completed New factory capable of producing 500,000 bottles ( 100ml ) of per month.
1995 Introduced "DRINK type" to market.
1996 Introduced "CAPSULE type" to market.
1999 Introduced "PILL type" to market.
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